Head dream meaning

Have one without body, liberty. Have one very pate and white joy. Wash your own, the departure of all danger. Have a negro’s head, a distant voyage, a commercial expedition. Have the head small means light or pointed feebleness of spirits, servitude, dishonor. Feel some one bathing your head, damage. To have the head larger or more elevated than commonly ; professional dignity according to the estate of the dreamer, gain of a lawsuit, triumph over adversaries. Should the dreamer, or whoever he sees in the dream, be engaged in commerce or banking, amassing of money; if he be an invalid, violent fever. Have the head swollen, riches and profit for the dreamer’s employers or superiors. Have the head of a wolf or other savage beast; complete success in all undertakings, competitors vanquished, the respect of fellow citizens. To have the headache, means loss of credit. Have two heads, society or association. To hold your head in your hands ; loss of wife or children, if the dreamer keeps house, otherwise, happiness und success. See a death’s-head; need of foresight, of precautions to avoid traps set for you.

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