Dollars dream meaning

It symbolizes intimately desired things. If we want to get some dollars it symbolizes the desire for another person of the opposite sex. To find dollars and be afraid of being seen taking them refers to illicit relations. To buy something and be given more dollars or find dollars means that what we bought had a value higher than we imagined, in the moral, material, or sentimental sense. If our lover steals from us it means we exaggerate our love sacrificing things that are also important. To lose money indicates we fear losing something very dear.

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  • Prince commented on June 10, 2020 Reply

    Please I dreamt where an American man gave me his ATM card and I took it to a bank near by I made the withdrawal transaction on one among many transparent ATM machines there, it was successful without dispensing the money and the ATM card so I started looking for ways to bring out the money and ATM card in some munits I saw a man farmilier someone I know but never been close to, he was holding the money in dollars, ATM and my phone and I ordered him to give me all my things in his possession but he refused, I was very angry then I woke up.. please can I know the meaning. Thanks

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