Baby dream meaning

When you dream of a baby, it represents purity, chastity and sincerity. Babies usually represents the warmth and good intentions you might have. Dreaming of a baby could also represent the side of you which is weak, fragile and vulnerable. If you dreamed of having a baby, but forgot it as a fact it symbolizes your fear of being recognized as fragile person. You don not want others to know that you are not a strong person, because this is not something you are proud of. If you see yourself on the way of having a baby it means that you wish someone would take care of you as long as it is possible, you like to be dependant on someone. You do not want to take responsibility of anyone neither yourself, neither the others. If in reality you are already expecting the baby, then this dream indicates your fear and worries of going to labour. If you dream of a baby which is crying, it shows that you are seeking for attention and understanding and support from the others. There is something missing in your life and you do not feel completed as a person. If you see the baby that is hungry it shows that you are lacking of taking responsibility for yourself. If you dream of very unusually small baby, it represents your apprehension and misgiving of others knowing what you really are. If you dream of a baby that is dead, it shows that part of you will never be the same as it used to be before. If you dream of putting the baby in and out of the water it shows the reversion you will get in. It means that you are missing of times when you had no worries, been easy going person. Alternatively this dream represents how important the water is to a baby while you are pregnant, that is why many women choose to go in labour especially in a bath or any other way which includes water. Keep in mind, that maybe your subconscious giving you an advice to choose to have a baby in the water.


  • cheryl naidoo commented on February 7, 2016 Reply

    I’m worried about my job at the moment.

  • Melissa commented on June 14, 2016 Reply

    I dreamed about washing a baby, the baby was dirty and had a rash and I delicately washed it and the baby’s hair.

  • Jeyna commented on May 22, 2020 Reply

    I dreamt of my own baby with lots of blood in her diaper. Please tell me what does that mean!! Im worried

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