Dripping dream meaning

To dream that something is dripping, suggests that you are slowly losing your identity. Maybe something is sucking uniqueness out of you. It can be job or relationship, where you can’t evolve. Additionally, dripping means that you gently letting out your emotions. It means that you not letting out everything what you feel. Have you suppressed some feelings? Furthermore, dripping represents slowly vanishing spiritual will. Perhaps you are experiencing steady and annoying disturbance, which is unnoticeable and silent for others, except you. This trouble is affecting your consciousness and taking out step by step your well-being. Consider also what substance is dripping, what condition, color, smell this material has and how fast it is falling in drops. Also, think about what feeling gives the sound of falling drops to you. If the sound makes you nervous, then it represents how anxious you are or will be in forthcoming troubles. As internal stimuli, it can show illness in your psyche. As external stimuli, loud sound of dripping can represent actual drip of a leaking tap. If dripping was fast – the disturbance is going bigger or moving quickly towards you. As superstition, if drops in the dream have bad smell – expect something seriously unfortunate. To interpret colourful dream about soaking, please look into the meanings of particular color. If water was clean, then your dream represents losing spiritual enlightenment. If water was black or muddy, this symbol may refer to your health issues. Alternatively, if you sick right now, then such dream about slowly dripping or leaking black, dirty water, in specific circumstances, can represent healing process. Dreaming about dripping blood, means that something or someone is sucking out of you a lot of vital parts from your life: vitality and spirituality or money. If in the dream you were able to fix dripping tap or any other part, from where the substance was leaking, then this is fortunate sign and represents the removal of anything that is disturbing your life.

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  • Thomas commented on February 12, 2016 Reply

    Hello, last night i saw a dream in which i saw dripping clear water from ceiling in my room… I was with my mom and dad … For some time dripping was slow but later …dripping goes bad and bad ..I saw all of my stuff goes wet …I think this interpretation is correct … I am slowly losing my identity, I gently letting out your emotions. In my i saw dripping of clear means dream represents losing spiritual enlightenment . one more thing is correct …that …my sister is ill . okey …so this is what we call life … Awesome .

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