Brother dream meaning

If you have a brother in your waking life and dreaming about him, then it shows the strong connection between you and your brother. The happy phase of your life is about to come very soon. If you were speaking with your brother in a dream, then it shows the happiness at your family life. If you dream of having more than one brother, but in waking life you don’t have, then it shows the unknown aspects of your life. Perhaps you will discover something surprisingly new. The brother could also symbolize the protection you are looking for. If the brother is dead in a dream, then it shows the fear of losing the important people or things in your life. Perhaps you should not hold on them so strongly, because nothing lasts forever. If you dream of your step-brother, then it means you will be deceived by the people who are close to you. Alternatively, the dream may indicate the special bond or friendship you have with the person who is just like the brother.

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  • Nalukwago Rehema commented on July 29, 2016 Reply

    I dreamt having sex with ma step brother, what does that mean?

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