Brakes dream meaning

The dream, in which you see the brakes that are failing, denotes to the lost control of your own life. Perhaps you are facing the circumstances that are not favorable to you or you are did not pay enough attention to responsibilities of your own life. If there were another person in a dream, and the brakes failed for him, then it shows that somebody else is managing your own life. Probably you should rethink in how you wish to live, being controlled by others or living on your own? It is always the better decision to be the master of your daily life, otherwise you will not be happy by giving other people too much of the power in your life. If the brakes failed only for a while, then it means you will get to deal only with minor and temporary problems in your life. If you or somebody else has cut the brakes, then it shows the unexpressed feelings and emotions. If the brakes failed for somebody else in a dream, and you saw it from the distance, then it shows you are unable to give a hand for those who need it. Don’t worry about it, because that person will get solve all of his problems by himself. The brakes that failed in a dream, because of the terrible weather conditions such as rain or snow, symbolizes the things in your life you have no power to control.

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