Box dream meaning

The dream, in which you see the box denotes to the limitations and barriers you face in your life. The box could also represent the apprehension of things you do not know. If you have opened the box, then it means you will have new opportunities which will bring much joy and happiness to your waking life. The dream in which you have opened the box, but it appeared empty, indicates the frustrations in your life. If you see the money box in a dream, then it means you will have successful affairs with your professional life. The box that is wrapped like a present, denotes to unexpected surprises in your waking life. To see the box of jewelry indicates the lust for a better life, then you have now. If you dream of the box that is for toys, then it shows the immature aspects of your personality or the fact that you are longing for your childhood where you haven’t had so many responsibilities. When you see the post box, then such dream shows the lack of communication with those around you. The box that has a ribbon on it, indicates the special bond between you and certain people in your waking life. If you are packing the boxes in a dream, then it shows how you are trying to escape certain phases of your life. Make sure you pay attention on how big or small the box is, as it would represent how big or small the problems you have. The dream, in which you see yourself being in a box, denotes to claustrophobia or the situation in your life where you feel trapped. The box of tricks also shows the unexpected events or situations in your life that will not please you.

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