Birth dream meaning

The dream in which you saw yourself or somebody else giving the birth, then such dream indicates the new beginnings in your life. Maybe you have some new ideas or projects on your mind that you are willing to fulfill. The dream could also indicate the childishness in your personality. Perhaps there are some issues from your childhood that must be resolved. Or you are the person who takes things too serious, therefore the dream suggests you to relax for a while. There is also a possibility that in your waking life you wish to have children, therefore you see yourself giving a birth. Alternatively, the dream could indicate your fear of becoming a mother or the fact of the birth. If you are pregnant in your waking life and you gave birth to unhealthy or inhuman looking baby, then it shows your apprehension of your baby’s health. It is a very common dream, because everyone wishes to have children that are healthy. If in your waking life you are not pregnant, but gave the birth to a baby that is not normal, then it signifies the situation in your life you are really afraid of. Alternatively, the non-human baby could represent your uniqueness. Perhaps you reached the point of your life where you are not afraid being different and the unconscious mind of yours is releasing the real you. There is no need to hide anymore, because if you accepted yourself the way you are, other people will approve you either. If you dreamed of dying while giving the birth, then such dream shows the rebirth of your personality. Perhaps some things have died in you, but some of them just born. Perhaps this time of your life will be one of the most meaningful times you ever had. To get more detailed dream interpretation about your dream, please also see the meaning of Pregnant.


  • peoe commented on June 28, 2016 Reply

    dreamt of à former owned dog giving birth to many puppies but they were all still birth puppies.worried

  • Dana Denise Jackson commented on June 6, 2017 Reply

    I had a dream of giving birth to quadruplets and they each came out plump and healthy and the last one took a stand inside of my belly before he came out of my womb. It was the most awesome dream i ever had. I love my children and I had four of them and perfectly healthy and fat. Not one was under 6 pounds.

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