Bird dream meaning

If you hear or see birds in your dream, then such dream symbolizes happiness, balance, satisfaction and affection. One of the most common explanations of birds is freedom. The dream, in which the bird was attacking you, represents the fear of unknowingness and fresh start. Perhaps the dream suggests you to be braver and go for your goal. If the bird is descending, then such dream foretells about new insights and wisdom you have gained. If the bird flew into the house, then such dream represents the new things, activities or people that will come into your life. There is also a possibility of new love or relationships you will get yourself into. The bird that is blue could indicate the high spirits of the dreamer or it could show the sadness one is suffering from. The birds that are fighting in dream, shows the conflicts and fights in your surroundings. The bird that is dead in a dream foretells about crushed dreams and wishes. Perhaps you will be disappointed by important matter in your life. Birds that are flying in a dream show the lack of freedom in your own life. Maybe you wish to escape all of the responsibilities you have or you simply have too much pressure by certain people in your life. The flying bird could also indicate the sexual act, because we feel lifted while having it. If the bird left the nest in a dream, then it shows you are prepared to be independent. If you see the bird in the cage, then such dream foretells about the lack of freedom. Perhaps there is someone in your life that keeps you too close or the activities you do doesn’t give you enough freedom to express your capabilities. When you see the small bird or the one that hatched from the egg, then such dream shows rebirth of your personality or renewal of some phases in your life.

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