Bear dream meaning

If you dreaming that you are attacked or assaulted by a bear it signifies rampancy, shattering barriers and competition. There is a possibility that you will feel distracted and might not know which direction you should go. The bears could also represent endless round between life and death. Do not worry, as nothing bad is going to happen, only you might feel one of the following characteristics: dead, alive or reborn-ed. The dream could also represent the research you are doing with your inner-self. Consider that the dream could also represent your soul and unexpressed or hidden thoughts. The dream wants you to open up and let it all away. If you dream of a polar bear it symbolizes the revival. Perhaps you will start to see things completely different way, everything will appear in different colors. These changes might affect not only your thinking, but the actions as well. If you would like to find out more about your dream, please look for the meanings of dream about Polar bear.

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