Actor/Actress dream meaning

When you dream of seeing particular actor or actress, then such dream shows the features of that person you wish to imply in yourself. Makes sure you pay attention to certain aspects of that particular person such as ho she/he looks, what kind of roles they did. If the actor/actress is someone you wish to become, then such dream reflects the desires in your waking life. Perhaps it is something you really want and cannot imagine the life being someone else. If you see yourself being an actor or actress and doing the particular role in the theatre or movie, then it could show something important you are doing in your life or pretending someone you actually not. If for example, you pay attention only for your children or your job, then such dream suggests you to find some time for other things in your life, otherwise you will get tired of only one role. The actor/actress is also the symbol of celebrities you adore and how much of the influence it has it your life. Maybe you are more interested in other people’s life, therefore you are dreaming about them and their lives. Make sure you don’t forget yourself, because you must live the life of your own. To get more detailed dream interpretation of the actress/actor please also see the meaning of dream Celebrities.

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