Vampire dream meaning

The dream about vampires can be caused by the fear of death and unknowingness. The vampire is something out of this world that doesn’t exist, therefore the dream could indicate the dreamer’s creativity. Very often in our waking life we call some people vampires, because of their manner to take as much as you can. Maybe there are some people around you who make you feel frustrated and the unconscious mind of yours letting you know it. The vampires in dreams also are associated with the harsh sexuality you are having or wishing to have. The vampires may also denote to your emotional wreckage. If you have an addiction to something such as alcohol or drugs, then the dream could be a warning for you to start looking for help. If you are the one who has became a vampire in a dream, then it shows the tendency of yours to be egoistic and take from others more than you should. The media has also a huge influence of vampires appearing in dreams. Consider if you watched a movie or read the book about vampires lately.

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