Funeral dream meaning

When you dream of your own funeral, then such dream indicates the conclusion of some aspect in your life or your personality. The dream also suggests to look deeper into yourself and do not suppress the emotions and feelings that are willing to get out. Perhaps you are trying to hide the various things in order to neglecting them, instead of solving the existing issues. If in your waking life you are suffering from the illness and you are going to die soon and dreaming about your own funeral, then such dream indicates the actual fear and thoughts you have about your own death. Perhaps you are afraid of the unknowingness. The dream in which you were at the funeral of someone else’s, shows the end of the friendship or the bond you have with that person. Alternatively, the dream may show the fear you have of losing particular person in your life, as we know very often the fears we have reflect in our dreams. If you attended to the funeral of the unknown person, then such dream denotes to the necessity of letting go some issues in your life. Perhaps you are holding on something that is no longer in use, therefore the dream suggests you to get rid of it. If you were at the wedding of your relatives, then such dream could symbolize your fear of losing the ones you love, or the dream suggests you to become the master of your own life and do not be dependent on others. Please also see the meaning of dream Burial.

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