Children dream meaning

If you see children in your dream, then such dream foretells about your desires to get back to the past where you were an innocent child and didn’t have any of the responsibilities. Perhaps you are longing for the old times and wish you to fulfill the desires you had while being a child. There is also a possibility that you acknowledged the issues from your past and now you are able to deal with them. If you face the fears or disappointments you had while you were a child, then you will be able to perform great in the future. On the negative note, the children in dreams indicate irresponsible actions of the dreamer. Perhaps there is a necessity to get more serious and take the duties you must to do. If you see your own children that are still very young, then it shows the parenthood instincts where you still wish to take care of your children. If you saved the child from something in a dream, then it means you will protects yourself from something very unpleasant. The dream, in which you see children that are unknown denotes to unexplored talents in your personality.

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