Ceiling dream meaning

If you dream of seeing the ceiling, then such dream shows the restrictions you have made for yourself. Perhaps he dream suggests you to remove those barriers and make the wider point of view. The dream could also indicate the spiritual aspects of your personality where you look above.

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  • STEVEN commented on June 9, 2016 Reply

    I had a dream that I was in my room and saw water consistent water drops. I looked up and saw water leaking from the ceiling in. It was a beautiful old architecture ceiling that curved into the wall with crown molding. It was not my apartment in real life but was my apartment in my dream. I walked out my room and looked into my roommates room and there was water rushing in from the ceiling. it was flooding in his room. In my dream I concluded that the neighbors upstairs left the water on and left somewhere. I was gonna go downstairs to tell the manager but I kept getting distracted. I don’t remember how I was distracted but it was like someone I would run into shown me something or mentioned something that I digress into completely forgetting that I need to tell the manager. Then I would remember and proceed to see the manager. Or I got distracted stopping to see something interesting, again momentarily forgetting my directive. I woke up before ever reaching my destination

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