Building dream meaning

When you dream of any kind of the building, then such dream indicates the processes that are happening in your life. Depending on how high the building is and where you are located, different dream explanations following from it. If you are on the top floor of the building, then such dream shows that you chose the right path in your life. The dream suggests you to keep doing in whatever you are doing. When you see the building that is damaged, then it shows that you have chosen the wrong path. Perhaps the dream suggests you to stop working on that project. Try to find the new way to achieve your goals, because the one you chose will not be successful. If you see the building that is collapsing, then such dream shows how your dreams will be taken away and everything will have to be built all over again. If you saw yourself falling out from building, then such dream foretells that you wish to escape particular situation that doesn’t satisfy you. If you have been pushed from the building in a dream, then such dream represents unexpected and unpleasant situations that will bring unhappiness in your life. The building in dreams cold also reflect to the actual fear of heights, especially if you are in the top floor of the building. To get more detailed dream interpretation, please also see the meaning of Falling, because it would give you much more of the information and symbol meanings about your dream.

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  • Valentino commented on December 11, 2016 Reply

    I had a dream last night of me and someone I perceive could be my brother in an uncompleted one storey building at the top floor then suddenly the building started collapsing so my brother ran out before me but I was still waiting to find a safer way out then I woke up

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