Boyfriend dream meaning

When you see your own boyfriend, then such dream represents the relationships between you and your significant other in your waking life. The boyfriend that is leaving you in a dream, represents you fear of being alone and single. It could also show that you are longing for love and affection in your life. The boyfriend that is dead in dream could represent the ruined aspects of your personality. Perhaps you are unable to show your emotions and feelings, because of the stress you are suffering from. If you see your boyfriend being a gay, then it means you should reconsider your own feelings to this person. Alternatively, the dream may represent the lack of love and attention you get from your boyfriend. If you got engaged or married to your boyfriend, then it shows the strong bond between you two. The dream reflects the state of the relationship in your waking life. If you dream of your ex boyfriend, then it shows the current relationships you are not satisfied by or it could show how much you miss that person in your life, because he had a very important role in it. When you see the boyfriend of your friend, then it means you have the secret crush for this person or simply wish to have the boyfriend of your own.

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