Bowling dream meaning

The bowling in dream represents your achievements, tasks and loses. If you have done many strikes in a dream, then it shows the great accomplishments you get in your waking life. The dream suggests you to keep doing in whatever you are doing, because you took the right path and everything will go according to plan. If the game doesn’t go well, then it means you are doing the wrong things in the life. The dream in which you are bowling a gutter bowl, suggests making some variety in your life. You should know that sometimes things don’t go the way you wish them to be and it’s not a bad thing, because the losses and misses make us stronger and better for the future. Perhaps the routine has made the negative aspects in your life. Consider that the bowling in dreams could also symbolize the sexual desires you have, but are unable to express. The strikes are the positive expressions which could be interpreted as successful intercourse where you or your partner reached the orgasm. Make sure you pay attention in how you feel while playing the bowling game, because it reflects to your feelings and emotion in your waking life.

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