Bones dream meaning

The dream, in which you see the bones foretells about the understanding of who you are. Maybe you reached the highest point of the growth, where you are able to see things fully and clearly. The understanding of who you are is very important in your waking life, therefore such dream could have the significant meaning in your later life. Alternatively, the bones could indicate the fear of death and unknowingness. If the bones that you saw in a dream are broken, then it shows the certain issues that need to be fixed. Make sure you figure out the certain problems, because it’s important to get things right.

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  • malik commented on January 5, 2016 Reply

    i saw fish bones. I ate fish and then was removing fish bones from my mouth and teeth. I am in deep troubles and need immediate solutions to my problems. problem is that i do not have money and debts are there to be settled and I am running out of time as such i dont have even more than 5 days. what does my dream mean? immediate response in private would be appreciated. Thanks.

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