Blackbird dream meaning

When the dreamer sees any kind of black bird, it represents misfortune and failings in the future. However, any of the troubles and uncomfortable situations you will have, will last only for temporarily period of time. The dream also symbolizes your laziness when dealing with the severities you have. Anyway, there is no question about your ability to be a productive person, but the only reason of your possible failures is your slackness. You’ve got to make it better than it actually is. Alternatively, the black bird symbolizes mercy, but only when you see it flying. Usually the birds represent happiness, joy and good life and only when the bird is black or dead it stands for disappointments and misfortune.

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  • alex kobina quansah commented on April 25, 2016 Reply

    i caught the black crow which wanted to attack my brother and i and tied it up with a rope to a stick in my dream. pls ,what does it means?

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