Attack dream meaning

To dream of attacking someone in your dream, denotes to the anger and aggression you have towards particular person that you were attacking. Perhaps you are no longer in ability to hold in those negative emotions, therefore the unconscious mind of yours is releasing it. Consider that sometimes it is better to experience these emotions while dreaming, because it doesn’t cause that much of the damage. If the other person was attacking you, then it means you should reconsider your own behavior with that particular person in your dream. Maybe you harmed someone and now you pay the dues for your own actions. Alternatively, you may feel victimized in some situation and do not know how to act or how to get away from the pressure. The dream, in which the other creatures, but not the human ones were attacking you, represents your fear of unknown. If you killed the attacker, then it means you will overcome the evil that you are surrounded by. The sexual attack is known as the symbol of your hidden sexual desires and wishes. On the other hand, it could represent the actual fear of sexual violence.

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