Arm dream meaning

If you see the arms in a dream, then such dream indicates the tender aspects of your personality such as sensitivity and goodness. Perhaps you are the person who always help to others when its needed. Your loyalty and compassion to others will bring much joy at the end of the day. Alternatively, the dream could represent the necessity to pull yourself together and take care of your life. Maybe you lost the control of things that are happening around you, therefore you see your own arms in a dream, but they are in the state of stagnation. Make sure you pay enough attention to your own needs. If one or both arms are broken or injured in any other way, then it reflects to the outer disruptions that don’t let you stand up for yourself. If you lost any of your arms, then such dream represents something you lost and will never have it again. The arms of the other person indicate the relationship you have with that person. If you welcome that certain person nicely without any interruptions, then it means you are getting along with him. If you broke the arms of this person or saw it injured in any other way, then it means you will struggle to keep the pleasant communication with him. The arms of the children represent good intentions and innocence. To get more detailed interpretation of your dream, please also see the meaning of Hands.

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