Amputation dream meaning

If you dream that your hands or legs are amputated it means that you haven’t open up yourself, especially your abilities to something you are really good at. This dream could also tell you that there will be something you will lose for a while. You will have no capacity to avoid these losses and you have to be strong and not to get depressed. This dream could also be the meaning of something you haven’t admitted yet and now is the time for you to face these things and deal with them. When you dream that your arms are amputated it means that you are missing promotion and stimulation. When you see concretely your legs being amputated it means that you have no idea what to do with your life and in which direction you should move on.

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  • Lethabo commented on March 8, 2016 Reply


    This dream keeps disturbing me.

    In the dream, it was my friend’s husband in a car accident but i was the one visiting him in hospital, sitting at his bed side all the time. Others came to visit and left but they will all leave me there. His legs were amputated ,but this only made him short in height because he still had both his feet. He stood up with a smile and said “See I’m short.”

    If anyone can help interpret the dream, because no one in the dream was sad or angry.

    Thanks in advance.

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