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Alphabet & Letters – In the dreams the letters of the alphabet have symbolic meanings based on their shape and position in the alphabet. Often the letters refer to initials of some person. And some letters have symbolism that come from ancient cultures.
Animals – In the dreams animals have always specific and unique interpretation based on behavior and characteristic of particular animal. Animals are often symbols that represent current personal attitudes and thinking patterns.
Arts, Music & Dance
Birds – Dreaming about birds often represent freedom that we are seeking for. Any bird can symbolize that the dreamer is in the right path of finding a solution to an issue. Unusual behavior of a bird can foretell troubled situation. Rare birds often symbolize very specific behaviors, attitudes, and thinking patterns we have. Birds have usually symbolism based on the most expressive characteristic of the particular bird that shows up in our dreams.
Body Parts – Dreaming of body parts can have various meanings based on specific characteristics of particular body part. Often such dreams are induced by internal and external stimuli. These dreams show that something is stimulating particular part of our body. On psychological level every body part has its unique meanings based on most expressive characteristic that we associate with the part of body. In some cultures dreams about body parts are interpreted as superstitions and can represent fortune or trouble.
Bugs – Bugs and insects in the dreams indicates our fears, troubles, annoyances. The dream about bug or insect is trying to show you your own thoughts and feelings about your current situation in waking life.
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